Loretta Boyett

In by The AMA Law Team

I came disabled a few years ago suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure and bipolar manic depression depression respiratory distress disorder and almost legally blind in one eye most of my life I dealt with the stuff and didn’t know what was really wrong with me and the older I got the worse it got and I always knew that they was something wrong with me wouldn’t nobody listen to me or believe me and I had a lot of issues with my back from years I have a TENS unit in my bad did injection didnt help ect so I filled out the papers online about my disability because my actions and all my illness has starting to show and reflect on my jobs and AMA Law was the one I chose I went on their website and I read all about them all about them lawyers and what college’s they went to and what state they was from and i just got to know a little bit about them before I really decided an there in state and the things that I read was what i was looking for in a law firm and they represented there self to me an I’ll really felt like they was the one for me me I need a lawyer or a law firm the would believe in me not just a case number its been 4 years they have stood by me they believed in me they took my case and today after a long four years we won today I just want to say thank you to them I would recommend them to anybody anybody that needs a good Law Firm they don’t give up even when you feel like you want to give up they don’t let you give up and they don’t get paid unless you win your case I recommend them to anyone God bless and have a good day….