Alicia KoczurShaw

In by The AMA Law Team

I owe my life to this firm, especially to criminal defense attorney, Tommy Adler. When I was 20-21, I got caught in a few terrible situations due to my problems with addiction. Not only did Tommy devise a plan inorder for the legal/court aspects of things to run smoothly, he also genuinely showed concern for me and reassured me that I was worth finding my happiness, worth to live a life free of substances, and NEVER allowed myself to believe that those mistakes were all that defined me (He actually sat down and gave me an EXTREMELY NEEDED INTERVENTION). Being 1500 miles away from my entire family during this time was extremely hard and discouraging. I was also in the process of finishing my Bachelors in Fine Arts; my heart was completely full of angst, fearing I completely ruined my future and career possibilities/opportunities. However, Tommy never allowed me to feel like I was alone and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, I completely understood what my charges were, the possible outcomes (blunt, yet compassionate) and that any other of my questions were answered. Again, thank you Tommy Adler, Dan Good (assistant criminal defense), and the rest of the AMA Law team for fighting and believing in me when I didn’t have the strength to.