Marijuana Trafficking and Charges in Oklahoma

May 23, 2014
by The Atkins & Markoff Team

Marijuana Trafficking and Charges in Oklahoma

The high temperatures and seemingly endless drought have had many effects on Oklahoma. Surprisingly, one of those effects is a reduction in the amount of marijuana being grown in the state. OSBI has noted that the plants are unable to handle the intense heat and lack of rain. In previous years, Oklahoma has ranked in the top five states for its number of marijuana growers. The high temperatures, as well as the drought, have made it very hard to grow the plant within the state of Oklahoma. For this reason, some people have resorted to bringing marijuana in from other locations, otherwise known as drug trafficking.


While some states are becoming less strict in regards to laws against marijuana, Oklahoma’s laws are complex and still carry stiff penalties. The first offense for possessing any amount of marijuana may lead to a fine and one year imprisonment. Any subsequent offense is a felony, and may be punished by a fine and ten years imprisonment. The Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act provides for stiff penalties for anyone convicted of trafficking marijuana or any other drug. The punishments are scaled primarily based on the amount of drugs under the individual’s control. The jail term for a drug trafficking conviction is two years to life! The fines are not trivial either. Trafficking twenty-five pounds of marijuana carries a minimum fine of $25,000 and trafficking one thousand pounds carries a minimum fine of $100,000.


No matter the amount of marijuana a person possesses, a drug conviction can have serious life-long consequences that go beyond the expensive fines and jail time. Being convicted of a drug offense may prevent someone from getting student loans, joining the military, or getting a job. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug offense, contact the OK criminal defense attorneys at AMA Law. Our attorneys have years of experience defending drug cases. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.