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AMA Law knows how to fight aggressively and intelligently on behalf of our clients.

Our Clients Experience

Very professional staff

aubrey brasher

Business was handled swiftly

Debbie Washington

Was very nice to work with

Stephanie Sanders

Very professional and helpful, highly recommend!

Rhonda Kepner

Teresa Elam was very helpful through a difficult time. Would recommend this law firm to handle tough legal cases.

Andrea Kemper

I contacted Tommy Adler because a friend of mine had recommended him, he did not disappoint. I do not want to go into the details of my case but I got the best possible judgement for my case. Hopefully I will not need a lawyer again but if I do Tommy is my guy.

Paul Rudnicki

I like this because you’ll get the job done dont mess a round i tell everybody i come across that you’ll are the people to get and your price is good i would not go to no one else thank you

Bubby Pickens

This place and their people helped me get my disability,even when it seemed hopeless. I thank you all so much for your hard work! Bless you

Teresa Herren

The paralegal who handled my case was very effective, efficient and helpful. I perceive that they are a firm with integrity

Alice Foster


patrick charness

Yes i would recommend , they were so helpful an took the stress out of getting my disability .I am so thank full for there help

Jo Kempston

I contacted Tommy Adler and he had closed my case as quickly. I like his service…He is very helpful..


Thank You Teresa and Haley I was so stressed before I went to your office. You made things so much easier for us. I would reommend your office to my friends and family. I can move forward and not look back because of all the help that you gave us.
Again Thank You and the law firm
Joe and Valeria Shrader

valeria shrader

Very easy people to work with, responded timely whenever I had a question , Very pleased with their service. Highly recommend.

Mark McCombs

They handled everything swiftly and with care and concern. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Highly recommended.

Robert Rutledge

They were very friendly and professional and they always kept me informed about my case. Great crew.

john millman

Wonderful lawyers. Very responsive to an out of state lawyer with an Oklahoma question. They are our go to Oklahoma lawyers, Dan Markoff especially.

Jeremiah M. Hodges

This past summer I injured myself at an amusement park while visiting here in the US (I’m Canadian). After being stitched up in the hospital a friend of mine said I should look into getting a lawyer and after looking into it I found AMA Law. In all honesty my injury was a relatively minor injury and I didn’t think anything would come of it. However despite the amusement park being very slow to return any of Dan Markoff’s attempts to get in contact with them, he assisted me through the entire process and stayed on top of things despite less than stellar communication by the amusement park. In the end he helped me get a great settlement offer and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I would 100% recommend this firm to anyone interested in hiring a lawyer and hopefully I don’t ever need one again, but if I do I will definitely by contacting Dan.

Marc Jones

Amazing! Atkins and Markoff were there for me every step of the way through my case. They have an excellent team of experienced lawyers that won’t stop till their job is done. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs legal counsel.

Mark Buley

They are nice people to help you every step. They will answer all of your questions. I will tell all of .you friends and relatives about your business. So thank you for your help.

Donna Sorrels

I am very happy with their services. I was in a terrible situation and they took the stress out of my hands with my disability case. Very thankful to have had them work my case.


Very professional staff and easy to work with! Would highly recommend them.

Tyler Jaysen

I can’t say enough about this law firm!They hung in there for me when I had all but given up,Thanks to each an everyone that was involved in my case.I would recommend them to anyone that needs help in a disability case, again Thank You !


I didn’t have a big money case. But my girl Bria had to wrestle with these insurance guys. She made the process so easy. If I ever need another lawyer I’m calling her first. Thank you, for all your hard work.


What can you say about excellent representation except that, AMA Law worked hard for me. The professionalism from these folks was outstanding. Every I doted and every T crossed. When you are denied by the SSA, you need the best attorney’s in the field. AMA Law and I went before one of the most stringent judges in the U.S. and won.

L.G. ctfokieusa

Tommy Adler posses a unique combination of attributes that make him capable of helping you reach a successful outcome in your case. Having worked professionally with many dozens of attorneys, I was amazed by his brilliant and ingenious approach to resolving legal matters. Following Tommy’s guidance, clients were able to play an active role; a role that positively impacted the outcome of their case. Tommy showed professional familiarity with the Prosecutors and Assistant Prosecutors. While in the crowded court rooms, Tommy was consistently the most professionally dressed. He stood apart with an appearance of competence and confidence. Observing him work three serious misdemeanors, his clients achieved unimaginably successful outcomes. If ever the need arises, I will not hesitate to hire Tommy Adler.

Darin Smith

We cannot say enough good things about Tommy Adler. He has always been professional but yet caring and encouraging throughout our legal process. Our phone calls and emails were always answered quickly and he provided us with all of the information and instructions that we needed for a successful outcome. We had several meetings with Tommy at the law office and he was always prepared and made us feel comfortable. We would highly recommend Tommy Adler and the law office of Atkins and Markoff.

David Priddy

Dan was awesome! There were so many obstacles with my case but he was able to get it settled! He explained the process very well. I highly recommend him and his firm!
Also I may add that he is very friendly always asks how we are doing just down to earth which is rare to find in an attorney!

Britne Allen

They were the best attorneys I’ve ever had, they helped me to get my disability with no hassle on my part, they done everything for me, I didn’t even have to see the judge….
They were very kind & caring as well.. I would & have recommend them to everyone I know as well as the ones I don’t know…
I wanna give AMA Law a big thank u..
Thank u for all u have done for me, including answering the questions I had after u guys won my case & the question I had had nothing to do with my case, again thank u all for everything u have done for me.. May God bless u all..

Amie Owens

I have consulted and spoken with Mr. Markoff for years. He (or his team) has guided our business and saved us from costly legal mistakes on many occasions. It’s hard to find a lawyer to trust….so I am happy to have found this firm and its leadership.

Lamar Romero

I highly recommend the firm. I Battled social security for years trying to get disability then finally hired them. They won my case in no time. If wasn’t for them i still would be battling for it.

Keira Smith

Tommy Adler was excellent. Listened to me and then researched the situation. Provided constructive legal feedback. Helped me achieve the desired outcome. Then when I had a second legal need that wasn’t within Tommy’s expertise, he referred me to Jerri Neighbors within the firm. She was also excellent. In fact, it would be the same summary…listened….provided legal feedback….helped me achieve the desired outcome. Would definitely recommend Tommy or Jerri.

Amy Rollins

Aggressive firm that achieves great success for clients. I have worked with this firm before and it is an excellent law firm.

eldrago loop

Hiring AMA Law after my car accident was the best choice I could have made, from the moment you call them, they connect you with someone who can help you with your case. In my situation, I was hit by a careless driver. so I called Dan Markoff and I can honestly say I have been taken care of throughout the entire process.

I have sent them lots of referrals because they honestly care about you.

Thanks Dan for your help.

Macy Shay

I’ve known Dan Markoff for years now and he’s never let me down. They really are amazing people.

Desiree Deppe

Great firm with which to work. Very much enjoyed my experience speaking with them. Clear, precise, and no surprises.

Christopher Parker

Tommy Addler and his team at AMA Law were 100% prepared at all points throughout the process and had a clear cut outline from the beginning of what they needed from me in order to achieve my goals.

Tommy begins with the end in mind. Understanding the steps that is necessary to a successful outcome was instrumental throughout the process and helped me put my mind at ease. Not all cases and verdicts are equal and neither is the right attorney for your situation , that’s why I made the smart choice and hired Tommy Addler at AMA Law.

david jones

If I was ever arrested for DUI, Tommy Adler is the lawyer I’d want to hire. He’s knowledgeable, he knows the law and he cares about his clients!! Amazing!!

Elizabeth Jamison

They worked hard at getting my ssi. Just all around great people to work with.They are great at what they do

Edwinal King

Dan Markoff and his staff were super friendly and professional. They made an effort to get to know me, which I appreciated. I left their office feeling I had their support.

Ana Marquez

Thank all Lawyer’s and Office – Staff to Robin G. for all the help understanding , the need’s of my SSDI…great Job guy’s..Hope the best for each and everyone at this Firm..Thank you ..all so much. Signed Darel Lee Kilcrease.

Darel Kilcrease

Tommy Adler and Dan Good took very good care of me and helped me understand everything Clearly. I would highly recommend them for any of your legal needs. Very professional but also like a trusted family member.

carolyn rodriguez

Amazing and helpful people!

Diana Chapman

During one of the most stressful, difficult times in our lives, we were blessed to find attorney Tommy Adler. Mr. Adler treated us with compassion and respect, and secured the best possible outcome for the situation. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and gifted. I highly recommend him.

Terrisa Singleton

I was kept in touch with most of time, except when I wasn’t contacted about my canceled court appearance after I was sitting there waiting. I got sent wrong paperwork by staff once. After my hearing I was told they would send me my medical records, but never received them after almost 6 months now. Was going to call lawyer and ask, but I didn’t even know his name. They were really great on doing the paperwork that I would’ve had to do. One thing that needs improvement is as soon as my case was approved there was no contact. They got the job done though so they get the 4 stars.

robbie roberts

I came to Tommy Adler after being told by a family that he was the best man for the job. After consulting with Tommy he made me feel much better about everything and in less than a week was able to resolve my situation. He really cares for his clients and wants the best for them. There are many lawyers that treat their clients as dollar signs, but if you’re looking for someone you can trust then I would recommend him to anyone that has questions regarding legal matters.


I came disabled a few years ago suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure and bipolar manic depression depression respiratory distress disorder and almost legally blind in one eye most of my life I dealt with the stuff and didn’t know what was really wrong with me and the older I got the worse it got and I always knew that they was something wrong with me wouldn’t nobody listen to me or believe me and I had a lot of issues with my back from years I have a TENS unit in my bad did injection didnt help ect so I filled out the papers online about my disability because my actions and all my illness has starting to show and reflect on my jobs and Atkins and Markoff was the one I chose I went on their website and I read all about them all about them lawyers and what college’s they went to and what state they was from and i just got to know a little bit about them before I really decided an there in state and the things that I read was what i was looking for in a law firm and they represented there self to me an I’ll really felt like they was the one for me me I need a lawyer or a law firm the would believe in me not just a case number its been 4 years they have stood by me they believed in me they took my case and today after a long four years we won today I just want to say thank you to them I would recommend them to anybody anybody that needs a good Law Firm they don’t give up even when you feel like you want to give up they don’t let you give up and they don’t get paid unless you win your case I recommend them to anyone God bless and have a good day….

Loretta Boyett

Very good and professional attorneys and staff,always on top of everything! Highly recommended

Chuck Garrison

These folks are all very helpful and easy to talk to and are very attentive and always willing to help no matter what they have going on wonderful law firm by far one of the best I have ever used


This law firm is so awesome. They have worked hard from beginning and still fighting. I recommend them highly.

quinn klein

Atkins and Markoff ‘s team were very kind and helped me so much, especially Nina Grossman, who always returned my calls and keep all my information correct. Also Taylor Wallner who attended the hearing was so kind and caring with but very professional and knew my case very well.
It has been a long process, many tears but I am so grateful and so glad I called AMA Law, best call I ever made, Thanks to all of you at your firm. I have recommended your firm to someone who needs help and told them to call your firm.
Bernadette Fox

Bernadette Fox

Dan Good has been great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and has been up front and honest. He has answered countless questions and helped me with two of my good friends. He went above and beyond for one of my friends by not only getting him into a great program as part of his deal, but also helping him get the help he needed to get his life back on the right track. He has changed my perception of lawyers for the better. Great guy and lawyer.

Will Fenwick

These guys are incredible! They have helped us in the past and were above board. We will certainly use them in the future if the need arises.

Steven Hall

I would highly recommend AMA Law law firm. My Lawyer, Tommy Adler was very supportive during my second offence D.U.I. I was full anxiety & worried what my outcome would be. He was very assuring & confident all would be fine. Sure enough. It went way better then I expected. I got 18 months probation. No jail time also no Interlock. Also kept my license. They all were great people to know. I was very grateful.

john west

Tommy Adler has been awesome. He got a bond reduction from 50,000 dollars back down to the original bond of 7500. Which from what my bondsman told me is completely unheard of! Usually they cut in half but Tommy Adler got it down to 7500!. He gives you his own cell phone number and responds back to your text messages. (I’m assuming only if your a client) He is a really nice and knowledgeable attorney. He really cares. Thank you so much Tommy!

Myles Blakely

My mother’s lawyer was amazing! Taylor Wallner was very patient and knowledgeable about my mothers disability case. Due to her health her short term memory is nonexistent. Taylor took his time to explain each answer to her questions no matter how often she repeated it. He WON the case for her and its the blessing she needed! I cannot thank him enough for helping my mother. I will always recommend him to anyone who asks! Thank you Taylor!! God bless!!!!

Jessica Harris

AMA Law is a very great law firm. I called them regarding a car accident I was in which I was hit by a drunk driver and what they did for me was unbelievable. This law firm and its attorneys are top notch and truly care about their clients. The staff is very professional and caring as well. I just want to thank Bria especially and her paralegal Amanda for working so hard to help me get healthy again and for the compensation for the accident. I know exactly to call if needed again. Thank you so much for everything!

cody graham

Mr. Adler was very professional, responsive, and detail oriented. He left no stone unturned and was able to help me secure incredible results with my case. If I had a family member or loved one seeking legal counsel I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Logan Smith

I owe my life to this firm, especially to criminal defense attorney, Tommy Adler. When I was 20-21, I got caught in a few terrible situations due to my problems with addiction. Not only did Tommy devise a plan inorder for the legal/court aspects of things to run smoothly, he also genuinely showed concern for me and reassured me that I was worth finding my happiness, worth to live a life free of substances, and NEVER allowed myself to believe that those mistakes were all that defined me (He actually sat down and gave me an EXTREMELY NEEDED INTERVENTION). Being 1500 miles away from my entire family during this time was extremely hard and discouraging. I was also in the process of finishing my Bachelors in Fine Arts; my heart was completely full of angst, fearing I completely ruined my future and career possibilities/opportunities. However, Tommy never allowed me to feel like I was alone and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, I completely understood what my charges were, the possible outcomes (blunt, yet compassionate) and that any other of my questions were answered. Again, thank you Tommy Adler, Dan Good (assistant criminal defense), and the rest of the Atkins and Markoff team for fighting and believing in me when I didn’t have the strength to.

Alicia KoczurShaw

Bria Hanlon is AMAZING. She worked so hard for my auto accident case even though it wasn’t bringing in a lot of money. She genuinely cares about her clients, will fight for you, and has great communication.

Emily Van

They are absolutely Amazing and definitely do great work. Definitely recommend this law firm to all.

Britney Bright

Earlier this year, our son was facing some serious charges that could ruin his life. We didn’t even know where to begin but knew that we needed the best attorney. We did find the best attorney, Tommy Adler. We emailed him on a Sunday with all of the details….I had a phone call and an

Nan Daoust

As Kevin’s grandparents, we can not thank you enough for what you have done for him-and all of us. I would find it difficult to believe that any attorney would have put in as much heart and soul as you have. You have been kind, patient, considerate of all of us, and have displayed professional

Kindra Matney

I hired Dan Markoff to handle a personal injury case for me. When I first called him, I knew it would be a tough case and that’s exactly what he told me. He explained in detail why it would be an extremely difficult case to settle or win at trial, but he agreed to still

Christi Simpson

Dan was awesome! There were so many obstacles with my case but he was able to get it settled! He explained the process very well. I highly recommend him and his firm! Also I may add that he is very friendly always asks how we are doing just down to earth which is rare to

Britne Allen

Atkins and Markoff is a group of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are there when you need them and will always talk to you when you need to know what’s going on with your case. I used them to help me deal with the government with regard to disability.

Russell Johnson

You have been the best during this whole thing. We both really appreciate your help. God will bless you richly for it.

Roscoe Dove

Very glad I chose your firm for my situation Mr. Markoff. I’ve been more than satisfied with the compassionate service I have received from everyone there. Especially from Case Manager Nina Grossman and Mason Johnston, an attorney working with me. I will definitely recommend you and your excellent firm to any and all I know who

Patrick Charness

Tommy is excellent! He works diligently and cautiously to provide the best defense for his clients. He is not afraid to stand up for justice or just causes. He is a man of respect and honor. He serves his clients in a very truthful and sincere manner.

Slyvia Smithwick

Tommy is an incredible lawyer and is who you want defending you and on your side. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional, but he is very responsive and always keeps you informed. I personally was faced with several charges, and just as discussed and promised, Tommy got them all dismissed and dropped.

Yolanda Saltz

Tommy is excellent! He works diligently and cautiously to provide the best defense for his clients. He is not afraid to stand up for justice or just causes. He is a man of respect and honor. He serves his clients in a very truthful and sincere manner. Tommy utilizes all his skills and expertise to the fullest potential. He communicates frequently and as often as necessary about any concerns or issues in the case so you never have a need to wonder what is happening. I would highly recommend Tommy Adler to anyone needing the very best criminal defense attorney on their side. Thank you.

Emily Mazzei

Tommy helped my husband and I through a potentially devastating situation. He advised us all the way and came thru feeling good about the advice we followed thru with. Tommy is a good, Christian family man and treated us with respect and kindness. I would recommend Tommy to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer.

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