Divorce: More Like a Business Transaction

Aug 28, 2015
by The AMA Law Team

Divorce: More Like a Business Transaction

This may seem harsh to some, but it’s the truth. Sure, divorce proceedings can be emotional and challenging for everyone involved, but at the end of the day it is quite similar to a business transaction, which is actually a good thing. Making the decision to file for divorce is undoubtedly not an easy one, especially if you have been married for years and there are children involved. However, the nitty gritty details of a divorce are not unlike many types of business transactions. In fact, the same techniques of negotiation are oftentimes used to push divorce proceedings along. Depending on the specific scenario, the techniques used help all parties involved reach an agreement without destroying relationships. When we look at divorce like a business transaction, it is easier to see how assets, liabilities, and responsibilities are divided. Believe it or not, the number one issue in a divorce is money. When your case goes to court, the judge’s primary concern will likely be how to divide everything equally. Our Oklahoma divorce lawyers have heard – on more occasions than one – the judge say “to me, this is a simple business transaction.”

How Does This Affect Me?

You may be saying to yourself, “that’s all well and good, but how does it impact me?” For starters, going into a divorce with the mindset of it being more like a business transaction than a personal battle will help you come out unscathed. There are many different obstacles when it comes to filing for a divorce, and it is important to be prepared in order to ensure nothing catches you off guard. Today we thought it would be beneficial to give you a brief look into how we approach a divorce case, and what similarities there are to a business transaction.

  • Separation of People and Issues – This is both the most difficult and important part of any divorce. It is only natural for people to become emotionally connected to each and every issue brought up in a divorce, which is the exact thing that causes problems. People often look at responses to certain negotiations as a personal attack, when this is not the case. By working to separate the people from the issues at hand, both parties will be much more successful in addressing the issues and coming to an agreement.
  • Focus on all Interests – This can be tricky, but, if possible, it is a good idea to try and focus on the interests rather than each party’s position. In doing so, there is a much greater chance of both parties ‘winning’. In some cases, we have found that parties realize their interests are more in-tune with one another than they originally thought, which is one of the main benefits of focusing on the interests instead of positions.
  • Be Objective – Being objective is yet another difficult task when it comes to a divorce, albeit an important one. Sure, people will likely have differing interests, but if you allow these differences to fuel an emotional reaction, nothing good will come of it. This is why both parties should try their hardest to be objective and decide on certain objective criteria to resolve any differences. This may be easier said than done, but it’s a goal, at least.

See, a divorce is much more like a business transaction you may have realized! To schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney from AMA Law, contact our Oklahoma law firm today.