Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma City: Marijuana and Paraphernalia Charges

May 23, 2014
by The Atkins & Markoff Team

Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma City: Marijuana and Paraphernalia Charges

The United States as a whole is slowly beginning to relax its laws regarding marijuana, as 14 states now have legalized medical marijuana dispensaries and California will be voting on legalizing the substance for recreational use in November. However, Oklahoma is not an active participant in this phenomenon, as the state remains one of the toughest in terms of its marijuana-related laws in the United States. Below is an overview of why anyone who faces charges regarding marijuana and/or paraphernalia should seek the immediate help of an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer.


Oklahoma’s laws are relatively simple in terms of the potential penalties a defendant could face if he or she is convicted of possession. Generally, the possession of any amount of marijuana on a first offense would result in a penalty of up to one year in jail and fines of over $1,000. Possession includes having any amount of marijuana on the defendant’s person or within the control of the defendant. If someone is convicted of marijuana possession in Oklahoma for the second time, that defendant could face anywhere between two and 10 years in state prison and a substantial fine. In addition, the first conviction would be recorded as a misdemeanor and any subsequent convictions would be classified as felonies.


When people hear the term ‘paraphernalia’, most think of odd devices that could only be used to smoke or otherwise use marijuana, including pipes, water bongs and the like. However, paraphernalia under Oklahoma law could also include any ordinary, everyday item that could be used to consume marijuana, including aluminum cans and other items that are often converted for smoking this substance. If a defendant is convicted of possession of paraphernalia, he or she will face one year in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. A first-time conviction for possession of paraphernalia is classified as a misdemeanor.

As can be seen, marijuana and paraphernalia possession are both serious charges in Oklahoma. If you face prosecution for either of these or any other drug-related charges, you need to seek the help of experienced Oklahoma City drug charges defense attorneys who have a long track record of properly fighting for the rights of the accused. Contact AMA Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.