Battling Dog Attacks in Oklahoma

May 23, 2014
by The Atkins & Markoff Team

Battling Dog Attacks in Oklahoma

Dog bite injuries and dog attack fatalities are fast becoming an item of concern for many Oklahoma residents. Following a string of vicious dog attacks in and around Oklahoma, nervous residents are turning to the Oklahoma dog bite attorneys for answers on how to handle a lawsuit involving a dog bite injury.

On Sunday, March 20, in Enid, Oklahoma, two pit bulls roamed the neighborhood while aggressively barking and threatening people. A neighborhood resident called the police who arrived to see two large pit bulls roaming the neighborhood. The pit bulls moved toward the officer while barking violently. Subsequently, the pit bulls ran after the officer who successfully avoided the dogs without being harmed. However, the dogs aggressively darted toward some residents, who were watching the incident. A child and elderly lady were in the area that the dog was charging. The officers quickly caught the dog’s attention, which caused the dog to change paths again; and out of self-defense of the charging pit bull, the officer shot and killed the dog.

The owner of the pit bulls has not been located, but charges are pending. Pit bull attacks have provided statistics showing that children and elderly people are the most likely victims of such attacks. Most states have recognized the possibility of harm caused by uncontrolled dogs, especially pit bull breeds. In response, most states hold an owner liable for letting a dog run loose that results in harm of another person.


In Oklahoma, owners are held liable for unprovoked bites, serious injury, imminent threats, or death either on public or private property. A resulting death due to a dog bite attack will result in a five-year jail term, $25,000 fine or both. Courts, in other states, have awarded monetary damages in addition to prison and monetary fines.

Contact an Oklahoma City dog attack lawsuit attorney today if a dog is threatening your neighborhood or has harmed you in anyway. Dog bites and dog attacks are a specialty of the Oklahoma City Law Firm of Atkins and Markoff.